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Let's gay it up a little, but not really.
November 17th 2005, 20:15 CET by Gabe

If you're a guy and are not gay, but had to do a guy, who would you do? Girls can do the inverse.
Home » Topic: Let's gay it up a little, but not really.

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#1101 by Penguinx
2006-02-07 19:58:40

#1102 by Warren Marshall
2006-02-07 20:09:13

Wrong.  Steak comes from the grocery store.  You can see the machines in the back where they make it.  Don't try to deceive people.

Jesus Christ, that is unbelievably retarded! - lwf
#1103 by Jibble
2006-02-07 20:21:45
I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with that. See, I have people to handle all of my shopping and food preparation needs. My world view is slightly skewed, but at least I'm not poor!

Lady, people aren't chocolates. But you know what they are, mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.

Blog. 220 lbs.  40 to go.
#1104 by jjohnsen
2006-02-07 22:18:13
That article has to be fake.  People gasping that someone would have to sleep in a tent during the winter?  How do these crowds react to war movies?  "Oh, look at that.  People shooting each other, that would never happen."

Actually, the liberalism of the media - as a general thing - IS a major fallacy. What the media is, is a whore.  -LP
#1105 by Ergo
2006-02-07 22:24:21
What I found particularly funny was that the writer called an elk a moose.

Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.
#1106 by Penguinx
2006-02-07 22:51:26
I wouldn't be able to stop myself from shooting mammals and cookin' em up in front of the crowd. And I don't like hunting.

#1107 by bago
2006-02-07 22:52:53
You know aussies can't tell them canadians apart.

<Cerebus> if i want some inhuman semi-comedic non-sequitors, then you'll be the first i call.
#1108 by Squeaky
2006-02-08 03:02:26
Bah. You just don't appreciate the greatness that is Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies.

I got the Weird Al version stuck in my head.

Aeternum vale
#1109 by VeeSPIKE
2006-02-08 05:16:39
You are better off with that.

The media doesn't educate, it sensationalizes. That's why there's no learning curve, just repeated bouts of gross stupidity. Bailey
#1110 by BobJustBob
2006-06-13 17:54:24
George Clooney.

PC gaming is dead, but you can still sodomize the corpse.
#1111 by Penguinx
2006-06-13 17:57:41
Bob. Just Bob.
#1112 by BobJustBob
2006-06-13 18:09:29
You only want me because I'm half wolf.

PC gaming is dead, but you can still sodomize the corpse.
#1113 by Penguinx
2006-06-13 18:13:08
I do like them werewolves.
#1114 by OwenButler
2006-06-20 16:44:04
#210 by Marsh Davies

I hacked my way through the Potterites to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang today and was pleasantly surprised. Written and directed by Shane Black, it's pretty much a crime caper / buddy movie in a similar vein to his previous Lethal Weapon movies, with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer filling the Odd Couple role. It's slightly garbled, but overall a very funny, energetic and self-satirising take on the crime genre. Kilmer and Downey Jr. are a really good double act.

Cripes Marsh, thanks for this recommendation.  I finally got to this movie, and although I'm not quite sure what just happened, it was very enjoyable.
#1115 by Penguinx
2006-06-20 16:49:24
I was curious about that. Renting!
#1116 by OwenButler
2006-06-20 17:18:46
The more I think about it, the more I like it.
#1117 by Ergo
2006-06-20 23:34:27
KKBB is great. Some of the best dialogue in a long time.

Ergo is right, as he always is except the times when his opinion is different than mine.--Mr. Nutty
#1118 by m0nty
2006-10-18 07:10:36
Under instruction from Gabe, I am forced to type the following:

Matt Leinart.

Thankyou for your time.
#1119 by Dumdeedum
2006-10-18 08:46:25
Are you saying you'd go gay for this Mr Leinart?

Anyway, what was more interesting was Gabe floating the idea of using IRC as a place for deciding what topics to push through.  I thought it was pretty good myself, despite you getting the hump about all your old topics that we disrespected.

Guest MP3 Of The Week: Benjamin Zephaniah - Superstar.mp3 (Thanks Hugin!)
#1120 by m0nty
2006-10-18 09:14:44
#1121 by lwf
2006-10-18 10:33:39
I am opposed to change in all its forms.

Today Officer Coon, Officer Nigger-hater, and Officer Keep-darky-down were acquitted of all racist charges.
#1122 by Gabe
2011-11-08 06:19:40
Bump! Hugin's response 6 years earlier is still good.
#1123 by CheesyPoof
2011-11-08 06:22:44
I don't see it, sorry.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#1124 by Gabe
2013-07-01 22:07:04
Bump for the death of DOMA!
#1125 by Wudi
2013-07-01 23:33:16
#49 by Wudi
2005-11-17 22:30:50

*All the closet homos here..who'd a thunk it!

What with the cooking, exercise & cheese talk...

Carry on gaybots.

I will not fall into Gabe's Homo Trap.


*Edited, ribbed and grammar corrected for your pleasure.

w0rd up!
Home » Topic: Let's gay it up a little, but not really.

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